Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 10/90

So today, I was in a major hurry to cook/create, as I had to fit in pottery class, blogging, and packing for Ranchi, Jharkhand, where I am going to meet one of my favourite people on my planet. Love you Nikita. :D

I was looking for a recipe which would be easy, keeping in mind whatever else I had to do today, on my oh so busy day. I decided to try out iced tea, making it from scratch at home. Was a lot of fun really, and super delish. 

After looking at a lot of recipes, I zeroed in on a bbc good food guide one. Here is the source:

This recipe seemed easy enough to fit in, so I started off. 

Here goes, you lucky choons. 


What you need: 

A long hot dog 
Ability to multi-task 

One cup of water 
A teaspoon of tea leaves/one tea bag 
Two teaspoons of sugar 

Juice of one orange 
Juice of half a lemon 

A few mint leaves 

The process

1. Make black tea, using the water, tea leaves, and sugar. 

2. Drain out the tea leaves, and keep it aside in a cup. Yes. I told you it is easy. 

3. Add the mint leaves to it and let it cool down. I used this ample time to take a bath. 

4. Cut up the orange, de-seed it, and add it to the mixie. Extra points for you if youve got a juicer and can use that. Sniffle. 

5. Also, squeeze half a lemon, and keep the juice so produced aside. 

6. Once the orange juice and lemon juice has been created, add it to the black tea with mint, I had to change cups mid way as the first one I used was too small. Pug my life and every element in it. 

Now notice a living breathing hot-dog in the image below you. 

Here is what the cup looks like without the juice. 

Here is what it looks like with juice :) 

I couldnt waste any more time, (sheesh!), so I drank it like this, but you may drain out the mint leaves, if you want that is, only if you want. 

This is only for one person, so, use your brains, and double everything for two people. Dhishhh. 


  1. trying this today. If only I had a zulu to keep me company :(

  2. I want some, is there any left???
    Please please will you make me some?

  3. So, next inputs from Ranchi! Give us some of the local stuff!

  4. Pooms! Remember I said I will lend you a food book? I was taking about this BBC Good Food Guide only. They sent me a copy. Meet soon?
    Also, I've been reading your blog for an hour now! LOve it:)
    So proud of you1
    Cook with me, you?