Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 11/90

So today im not in my original kitchen, am in Ranchi with my friend, so its a kitchen change, but my challenge goes on anyway. Thinking of making something today was seriously tough, I had no idea where to get ingredients, and was very inclined towards cheating and continuing the challenge when I reached back to Dels, but, Ive got the choons, so I continued. 

What I made today is Banoffee, I cant really call it Banoffee Pie, it didnt really look pie like at all, so I am just calling it Banofee. Blah. 

I hurriedly looked for a recipe source, and here is what I found, still made up my own out of necessity, but here is the source anyway. :)

Here is what you need: 

Fifteen marie biscuits, no more no less 
A tin of condensed milk 
Two bananas 
Four tablespoons of butter

Clean utensils 

The process: 

1. Look at the pressure cooker at your disposal. 

2. Add the tin of condensed milk, and enough water to cover it and some more, to the pressure cooker. 

3. Put the lid on, and turn the gas on, (surprize, surprize!) and let it be like this for around 45 minutes. I took mine off early and suffered greatly. Also, golden rule, put it on low flame after the first whistle goes off. Dhisshh. 

4. Meanwhile, crush your biscuits, (in batches of six each) the idea being to make the pieces as small as possible, more like crumb texture. Put the biscuits between newspaper, and use a rolling pin to do this. Also, its best to try and finish any old biscuits at this stage, but marie works well. 

My hands look particularly ghostly here. Hmm. 

Lo and behold, crumbs are ready. Yay. 

5. Melt the butter in a pan, please. 

6. Add this to the biscuits, which are sitting pretty in a clean glass. 

7. Bring on the patila, and mix the biscuits and butter together, and hence, make a biscuit base. 

8. Put the patila in the fridge, let it set here. You may need to first see if your fridge has space.

9. Now, take your tin out of the pressure cooker, very carefully. Im not to blame if you get burnt. Run it under cold water for atleast two minutes, then dare to open it. This is what it looked like when I opened mine. 

Admire this, look at the lovely colour. 

10. Take out the patila from the fridge, and add the milk over the biscuits. Use a spoon. Try and guilt your friend into doing this. Mine agreed. 

11. Once all the milk is over the biscuits, chop and add the bananas over the milk. Here are two pictures, you lucky choons. Notice how there are many more banana pieces in the second picture. This is all because of the many magic shows I watch in my ample free time. 

12. Put this into the fridge for half an hour, then take it out, and serve it in the same patila, so that my friend doesnt have to wash more dishes. 

13. Devour it. Yes you can. 

Its better if you have cream at your disposal, that can be your fourth layer, but I didnt, so pug my life. And even better if you have chocolate, add that over the cream. just so you know, this tasted pretty good, A plus quality to be precise. :) 


  1. Look at you all, I'm not gonna let no Ranchi location deter my blogging skills!! Awesome sauce, so very yummy looking if I could punch my hand through the screen and eat it right now I would. Rather not though, since I have a lot of exam stuff on this computer. :)

  2. Awesome sauce is a phrase. i'm not referring to an ingredient!!!!

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  4. Hey, almost missed this one, didn't expect you to cook in foreign lands! Loved every bit. This one is A+++ Choon Quality!