Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 12/90

Today was day two for me in a foreign kitchen, and as usual I was battling my laziness, apart from other things, like lizards and cockroaches. Hmm. 

So, today I had to make lunch for myself, out of simple, bare, necessity. I would have almost starved to death otherwise. I had no internet, so could not depend on google. So I did the next best thing, called up my mother. She knows more than google anyway. So, today I made something she suggested, I have cooked this before, so was not in completely foreign territory, but the hands were a bit rushty. 

Also, today is also special because it is the international day against violence against women, part of the 16 days campaign held every year to end violence against women. Just so you know. Here is some information:

So here goes..

(Peas and potato curry) 

What you need: 


Two potatoes 
Six to seven cloves of garlic 
A knob of ginger 
Two handfuls of peas 
One onion 
Two tomatoes 

A teaspoon of cumin seeds 
A tablespoon of oil 

Spice wise: 

Salt to taste 
Half a teaspoon of red chilli powder
One teaspoon each of turmeric, coriander powder and garam masala 

1. Peel and chop the potatoes into cubes. Also chop the garlic and ginger. This is what it looked like. 

2. Now, grate the onion. This saves a lot of cooking time. :) 

3. Shell the peas, and keep them aside in a bowl. 

4. Chop the tomatoes. You can also quarter them, to save time, but the smaller the pieces, the shorter the cooking time. Suit yourself. 

5. Now, add the oil to a pressure cooker and let it heat up. Then add the cumin seeds, and hear the lovely little things splutter. 

6. Add the onion paste, (looks disgusting but tastes ok), and the chopped garlic and ginger. 

7. Twirl it around, do a mini dance, and wait till the puny little thing becomes brown. This may take time, be patient. As you know, good things come to those who wait. 

8. Add the chopped tomatoes, and twirl them around some more. Basically, use a big spoon to crush everything. 

9. Add the chopped potatoes and the shelled peas. I totally believe you can. Once they have settled down, add all the spices, in any which order. Do your own thing girl. 

10. Once they are covered in the spices, add enough water to cover everything. 

11. Put the lid of the pressure cooker on, and let it be on high flame till the shady whistle goes twice. Once that happens, lower the flame, and let it be like that for ten minutes. Then, put the gas off, and dont force the steam out, let it be like that till the steam goes out itself. 

12. Once all the steam is out, take the pressure cooker off the flame and take off the lid. 

13. Transfer it to a clean serving bowl. 

14. Eat it at your own rishk. 

Serve it with boiled rice, I was lazy to do that, so I didnt. It was perfectly fine just as it is. :D 


  1. Well done, girl! That is THE PERFECT way to make aloo matar. And appropriately non violent as well :)

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