Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 13/90

So today, was really a huge challenge to cook, and it happened only at 12 at night, but I still had to, had to blog, so I will, and I shall. Thank you so much Minta police, with me, for me, always. :) 

After a moderately heavy dinner out, I decided to make  salad with my friend here. Her recipe, her idea, so this is what you get today. Enjoy it you choons. 

A huge thank you to Nikita, for battling a sore eye and fever, and still sharing my blogging spirit. :) 


What you need: 


A little bit of the leafy part of the spring onion 
Half a yellow pepper
Half a glass of sweet corn 

Two handfuls of macaroni 
One sausage/three cocktail sausages 

Three tablespoons of yogurt 
One tablespoon of mayo 
One tablespoon of thousand island dressing 

Italian seasoning to taste 

Here is what some of the things look like: 

Ok, so shazam shazoom....

1. Convince yourself that you are super human and can cook at 11 at night, even if it is killing you. Ok, enough drama. Shell the corn you choon. 

2. Let the corn remain in the glass. Yes, it needs to be there. Now, boil some water, and add some salt to it. Then do the usual, cover it up. 

3. Check if the water is boiled. Then add the macaroni to it, and keep checking to see if its done. 

4. Meanwhile,  chop up the spring onion, and keep it aside. Notice how green the leaves look. Hmm. 

5. Also chop up the yellow pepper. 

6. Now, wash both of these wonderful veggies, and keep at a safe distance. 

7. By now, the macaroni must have boiled, so drain out the water, and keep it in a glass for future use. 

8. Now, mix together the mayo, yogurt, and thousand island dressing. It will look deceptively white to you, mind it. 

9. While all this is happening, boil or saute the sausage till its soft. I boiled it, this is what it looks like:  

10. Chop the sausage you just boiled. 

11. Add everything, the corn, yellow pepper, spring onion, and sausage, to the dressing you just prepared. Also add the seasoning on top. 

12. Admire what you made and EAT it. 

It was so good that we ate it even after a full dinner. Im hoping you like it too. Dhishhhh...

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