Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 14/90

Yes I made it, my two weekiversary today!! :D :D So happy! Thanks to the higher powers and everyone else who made this possible. Sniffle sniffle. 

Ok, so to celebrate today, I decided to make Apple Crumble, a sweet dhissh which looks really fancy shmancy, but is actually easy to make. It also goes well with the winter weather and all, so here goes. 

Here is the recipe source for today's recipe, modified in many ways as usual, today I just halved the quantities, because using six apples for a single recipe just seems wrong and awfully carnal. Hmm.


For the 'stewed' apples 
For the uninitiated, here is what stewed means:

3 apples you fool 
Two to three cinnamon sticks 
Three fourth a cup of sugar 
Half a cup of water 

For the top part 

Three fourth a cup of flour 
Half a cup of sugar 
Three tablespoons of butter 
Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence 

The process: 

1. Peel, core and chop the apples at your disposal. You will now see three images to illustrate the process. Enjoy. In the third picture, if you are intelligent, you may notice some cinnamon sticks. 

2. Add all the chopped apples to a pan, along with the sugar, cinnamon sticks and water. 

3. Let it be like that on the gas for some 20 minutes, and while this happens, enjoy a dosa, which was quietly cooking on the stove next door. 

4. After the 20 minutes are up, it should look like this. Make sure the apples are at the no crunch no mush stage, and the water is pretty much dry. My domestic help observed that the water is thickened, as its become sugar syrup. Interesting. 

Here is another, closer up picture. 


5. Now, preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. 

6. Add the apples to the bottom of a dish, preferably a glass one. :) 

7. Now, add the flour, vanilla essence, sugar and butter together, in any bowl, and mix them together. 

8. Mix them, mix them, until they become crumb like. This is what it looks like. 

9. Add this over the apples, and you are ready to bake baby. This is what it looked like just before it went in to the oven. 

10. Put it in there for about 20 minutes, or till it becomes delightfully brown, and makes you gush and remember your childhood best friend who ceased being your bestie because she stole your salami sandwich in nursery. This is what it looks like when it comes out. 

11. Serve it in bowls which are shaped like apples, or face the consequences. 


  1. Devika, your blog is awesoooooome!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so cool and fun. :D And most importantly, realllyyyy funnnyyy :D You're doing a fab job at it and I'm actually inspired to write something of my own too. YOU'RE AMAZING! :D Lots of love!

  2. Heyy..thanks so so much..means a lot :) love you

  3. Happy two week-aversary!
    You are so great for doing this, every day and under every circumstance...i look forward following you for the next 10 weeks!!! YAYEE!!! :P

  4. Lovely!!! Go Poomes! :D This looks so tasty!

  5. I love blogs that show dosas in apple crumble recipes :) Its a first ;)