Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 15/90

So today was one of those days when I had absolutely no idea about what to cook, but this is a challenge which I have taken on, and will abide to it in letter and spirit. Whatever that means. Sheesh! 

Yes, where was I you choon? So finally I figured that I will cook some chicken today, but then again, I was zapped on what kind to make. I suddenly remembered some wonderful dry rosemary I had bought a week or so ago, sourced from here. (
It smells wonderful, so I decided to cook with it today. 

I then looked for chicken marinade recipes online, and most were really complicated, but I finally came across one which suited me entirely. Here is the source.

I modified the recipe a bit as usual, (I should stop saying this), and added lemon rind. Im not so sure if I was successful. Add it in at your own risk. 

So, here goes.. 


What you need 

Half a kilo of boneless chicken/an equal amount of chicken any way you want 
Salt to taste 

For the magic marinade 

Two tablespoons of olive oil 
One teaspoon of crushed rosemary 
A couple of cloves of garlic, depending on your garlic temperature 
Juice and rind of one lemon 

The process 

1. Wash the chicken and look at it. 

2. Crush the rosemary and chop the garlic. Add this to the chicken. This is what it looks like. 

3. Add the lemon juice and rind, and the olive oil, and let it marinade for an hour. I was short on time today so I managed half an hour, but best is to marinade for as long as possible, upto four hours. 

Look at how many newspapers my dog can read! In your face. Hmm. 

4. Cook the chicken until its done, you will know when you cut open a piece and its NOT pink. Also add salt. Just so you know, I added some more garlic and crushed rosemary here, it was tasting really sour. So maybe dont use all the juice of one lemon, just use a little less than that. 

5. Take it out of the wok, and set it in a serving dhissh. Here is what it looked like. You may now eat it. 

Also, just so you know, sometimes the sun shines on other peoples houses and not mine. I wish I had the choons to compose such a song, but I can listen to it. I think you should too. :)


  1. Hahhahah!!!!! Your super smart dog can read more newspapers than all of my friends have read in their respective two decades combined. ;) Your chicken looks marriable in contrast with what I get in my hostel. Dude, you can give all our cooks here a run for their money!! :D

  2. I love Zorro! I love his pix.
    I loved that rosemary marinade mix!

  3. Serving dhissh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Okay, if I have the time and if I don't feel lazy, I shall try this bebe because it looks so tasty. :-*