Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 17/90

Day 17...cant believe ive made it this far! But since I have, you will have to deal with me and my crappy blog. Also watch Desi Boyz, or dont. 

So today, I had to go watch a movie and take my lovely granny for a haircut. Movie happened, granny cut didnt, so basically I was in a hurry, and I tried making macroons, but err...I have to admit, I failed. Stiff peaks! Sheesh. 

So with a little time, the only thing I could think of, because I had forcefully displaced an orange from my grandmothers fruit box to mine, was orange cookies. But, they actually became orange biscuits. Basically I should admit defeat, but they tasted decent so I wont. Pug your life choon. 

I looked for a recipe, here is what I used today, well to some extent. Grr.

So here goes..


What you need: 

A non panicked, unhurried state of mind  

One and a half cups of all purpose flour 
One and one fourth cup sugar 
Half teaspoon of salt 
Half teaspoon of baking powder 
Two eggs 
Rind of half an orange 
Juice of one orange, or more, depending on how orangey you want it or how many oranges you can steal from your granny 
Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence 
Four to five tablespoons of butter, yumm. 

The process 

1. Add all the dry ingredients to the patila, the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder, for those who dont understand dry. 

2. Add the eggs and essence, and mix away. 

3. Chop the orange rind you choon. My domestic help was at her efficient best and she had chopped it anyway, so I have a little bit to show you. 

4. Add the rind and juice and mix again. 

5. Preheat the oven, and grease a baking tray. 

6. Put the batter on to the tray. I tried to make cookie shapes, but to my surprize, when I opened the oven, they had come together and lost shape. Maybe I used too much orange juice. Or maybe the cookie and biscuit combined gods hate me. This is a picture which is misleading because this didnt happen, but I hope things work out for you. No actually, I wont be so kind. I hope you get what you deserve. Bake them for around ten minutes, and check at five. Or lets make that fifteen. 

7. This is what it looked like when my family members had eaten some of the so called biscuits, and also we were trying to use the knife to cut them up. So basically uncivilized. 

8. This is what they look like all pretty on a plate. You can eat them now choons. 

9. Also, a lot of batter was left over, because I have a small oven. (Yes yes, pug my life). So my domestic help decided to make a cake. Here it is. Eat this too. 


  1. OMG!!!!! courier these to me!!!!!!! :D

  2. Ahahahah, I think your cooking disasters are even funnier than the successes!haha, and LOVING the name!