Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 1/90

Ive decided to blog. I have been looking at food blogs for a considerable part of my life and I now feel prepared to start my own. Living in India with my parents, I have the luxury of a maid, so most of the cooking involves the both of us.

As a challenge to myself, I have decided to cook everyday for 3 months, so that I can tick it off from my to-do-before-I-die list. As a source for my recipes, I usually use the internet, or people around me. I will try and keep the recipes low to medium fat, I am quite stodgy and the universe told me to lose weight recently.

Atleast for now, this is the plan, lets see if this goes anywhere.

So today, I am starting with vegetables



Excellent source for this recipe:

You will need:

Some time on your hands
Ability to chop vegetables
Chopped veggies of your choice, but no tomatoes or onions

Today, I put in:
5-6 small brinjals
3 Potatoes
2 Green peppers/capsicum
3 Carrots
1 bottle gourd

For the magic marinade

2 tbsp sesame oil (BUY the imported one, completely worth it, its black and exciting in colour)
1 and a half tbsp soy sauce (Cheap kind will do)
2 tbsp vinegar (doesnt really matter, it says rice vine but we used the one we have in the kitchen)
Chopped ginger (depending on taste, I think we managed one tablespoon)

These are the bottles which made the marinade possible

This is the amound of chopped ginger we put in

What to do:

So basically you dice all the veggies, and par-boil them in a pressure cooker, to reduce oven time. Oh I forgot, first you pre-heat the oven.

So, after your vegetables are par-boiled, this means that they have reached a level where they are not mush, but not crunchy, you drain out all the water.

Then, you need to take the vegetables and show them to your dog for approval.

After this, you take your priceless vegetables and  put them into a huge bowl with the marinade for 30 minutes. Toss them around a bit, if you feel like. 
My domestic help's tip: Use a huge steel patila(bowl), this helps to keep everything together.

Then, load it on to the oven tray, and dunk it into the oven for half hour. This is what it should look like:

My oven is wonky, so I have to keep checking,  I think 200 degrees celcius should be good. Do your own thing here.

So after checking with a fork a bazillion times, they are ready to eat!

Serve with whole wheat (store bought) bread. ONE day I will make my own.:)

This is the end result of about an hour of work

Enjoy the beauty! 


  1. "Next time I'd like see some meat on that plate" - ZULU,the-dog-in-the-blog.

    "And run it past me first!" -
    ZORRO, the-dog-not-in-the-blog :(

  2. Good show, Crazy how about some really crazy recipes? ;)