Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4/90

Recently, I visited a cafe of sorts and they had a vegetable pot pie on the menu. I was intrigued by the dish, and have been thinking of replicating it ever since. Since I have never really had the time apart from now, I decided to do so today. 

Also, it is winter, and winter means an abundance of lovely vegetables, in all colours. They give me dreams of sunny mornings and late lunches. :) 

All these vegetables, and the dream of a pie, led to today's creation. Also, on the healthy side, I have used grape wine, honey, and whole wheat flour. 

Today, the source for the recipe was this website called vegetarian times. Here it is exactly:

The recipe was quite flexible, and did not include tomatoes, both these were plus signs for me. I dont think tomatoes and a pie crust would go together, maybe it is just me. Blah-ta. 

Yes, I did modify it, today my reason was that I did not have celery and parsley lying around, so I added basil leaves, and another herb growing in my terrace garden, which smelt like Trachyspermum ammi, (Yeah, trachy what?!), which is also known as carom seed and Ajwain . I also added my favourite most vegetable looking thing in the multiverse, garlic. :D 

So, here goes. Yo baby. 


What you need: 

Lots of fresh, smiling vegetables, chopped up 

Here is what I used today: 
Two carrots 
One green pepper 
A handful of beans 
One huge potato 
A quarter of a shady cauliflower (The only reason I used this is because I had to, there was no suitable veggie apart from this in the fridge) 

You also need: 
One onion
A few cloves of garlic

Basil and carom seed leaves
(Im not entirely sure if I used carom seed, so just use whatever is available, even store bought dried rosemary and thyme are ok) 

For some added flavor: 

Salt and freshly crushed pepper to taste
Red chilli powder to taste 
One teaspoon of Oregano

For the sauce: 

Two cups of water/vegetable stock 
Half cup of grape wine(any wine will do, best is if you use white wine) 
A tiny bit of all purpose flour 
One cup of milk

For the HEALTHY pie crust 

One tablespoon of honey
One cup of whole wheat flour 
Three fourth cup of all purpose flour 
Two tablespoons of butter (Use margarine if you want, but seriously, this much butter is healthy) 
A cup of skimmed milk 
A teaspoon of baking powder

The process: 

1. As usual, preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. 

2. Then, choose a dish to cook the pie in, anything is good, but this is what I used. The random white stuff around the bowl is basically my arch-enemy gobi. (cauliflower) Keep this aside. 

3. Chop up the vegetables and the onion and the garlic and the leaves. Here is what everything looks like: 

4. Heat some oil in a wok, and add the onion and the garlic. After it becomes brown, NOT burnt brown but normal brown, add the leaves. 

5. Now add all the other chopped veggies and saute it for a bit. Till you feel innately that its enough. 

6. Bring out the wine. This is something I got from Himachal. This is what it looks like, aptly called Wonder wine. Wonder wine for the wonder women. Ok that is enough. 

7. In a cup or bowl, mix together the milk, the water, the flour and the wine. Add this mixture to the wok. The entrails of my wok looked deceptively purple. Hmm. 

8. Let this cook, let it bubble and reduce in quantity, and also thicken. 

9. Cover the wok with a plate. Let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be. Yes, you may listen to the Beatles. 

10. While the purple stuff cooks, start making the pie crust. Put the dry ingredients onto a surface suitable for making dough, or into a dish. Here is what we used: 

Notice how the very healthy whole wheat and other white flour look lovely together. 

11. Add the honey and the butter to this mixture. 

12. Add the milk by and by. 

13. Knead the mixture, until it becomes a ball, much like this one here. 

14. Roll it out on the back of this dish. 

16. Once the vegetables have cooked, reached the not crunchy, not mushy stage, add them to the pie dish. (Thanks Ujeane) 

17. Cut the pie crust into wedges and arrange it on top of the pie dish, much like this. 

18. Bake it in the oven for some 30 odd minutes, and check at 15 minutes. 

19. Take it out, admire it. This is my favourite part. 

20. Then eat it, yes after 20 steps you can finally eat it. 

We ate this with some store bought chicken seekhs, fruit salad and bread. You dont really have to, you can just eat the pie, a meal in itself. That way you are being healthy, and wealthy. Dont know about wealthy, but yes, healthy, hale, and hearty. :) 


  1. Pl make a sorbet next, thank you!

  2. Aww, so sweet. Your writing is getting funnier, you weirdo! Love it, as always and eagerly await each day's entry. I made veggie lasagne recently, remind me to share the recipe or feed you it sometime!!

  3. Hey Devika, noticed that you have only done eggetarian/vegetarian recipes so far -- how come?! There is clearly some fell veggie influence in your life, make it go away -- shoe-shoe!! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, Devika urf Julia/Julie! Waiting to see what will go up next. Daavat pe kab bula rahe ho??