Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 7/90

I am serious. Very serious. Seriously serious. Yes, I have been wanting to cook chicken for some time, and with a lot of my closests demanding some, I had to give in. Popularity calls. Sigh. 

So, I was talking to my favourite person in England apart from the queen, (we went to school together, she taught me how to wear a corset), she is lovely, and also cooks well. Her name is Shayoni Sarkar, and shes got the choons. So, today, I cooked something she taught me how to. (Incase you're wondering what choons are, go here:

Just so you know, Shayoni and I met in college. She moved into her first flat in front of my eyes, and she used to feed me well those days. Then circumstances drove us apart, but she always told me that I could never cook. So, this goes out to you shay, to prove you wrong in a good way. Love the you. :) 

Here is what I cooked today, on my one week blogging birthday! ONLY 11 more weeks to go! Hmm. 


What you need: 

A Zorro 
Power to dream 

Vegetable wise here is what I put in today: 

Two carrots 
One green pepper 
A handful of beans 
Two onions 

Other things 
One little bit of chopped ginger 
Around ten chopped garlic cloves 

For the sauce: 
One tablespoon of sesame oil 
Hoisin Sauce 
Teriyaki Sauce 
Soy Sauce 
A generous bit of sugar 
Some salt 

For the chicken marinade: 
A kilo of boneless chicken, tell your butcher to cut it into bite size pieces 
A tablespoon of olive oil 
Salt to taste 
A teaspoon of freshly ground black peppercorns/kaali mirch to coat the pieces 

Here is what you do: 

1. So there is no oven preheating today. Yay. Instead, you need to marinate the chicken. So, begin by washing the chicken under a running water tap, and keep it on a plate/in a bowl for the marinade. Here is what it looks like: 

2. Freshly grind the peppercorns/kaali mirch. This is what it looks like: 

Make your domestic help pose for the camera while she is grinding the pepper. 

3. Add the olive oil, a generous amount of salt, and the pepper to the chicken, and rub it well. Here is what I did: 

4. Let the chicken marinate for as much time as it take to do the rest of the stuff, minimum fifteen minutes. 

5. Bring on the vegetables, no gobi mind itt. 

6. Chop them into equal size pieces, just dont blast them into smithereens. Sorry, just had to say that. Then, put them in a colander. ( Then, wash them with water and keep it aside. This is what it looked like: 

7. Also chop the onions, garlic and ginger. 

7. Now, heat the sesame oil in a wok. 

8. Add the garlic and ginger. Now, feel the smell run through your veins. 

9. Add the chopped onions and move them around till they become brown. 

10. Once they become brown, add the wonderful vegetables. I will sleep better knowing there is no cauliflower today. :) 

11. Now, add the chicken to the wok, please now. 

12. Come on now, just cover it up like a good woman. :) 

13. Keep checking to see if its cooked, and the way to check if chicken is cooked is to cut a piece in the middle and see if its pink or not. If its pink, cook more, till its white. (Thanks Shay) :)

It takes quite some time to cook, so lets play a game. See if you can spot a dog in this picture. Its really difficult. 

14. Once it is getting to the cooked stage, splash on the three sauces in any which order, and keep tasting it to see if you like it, I like mine medium spicy, so probably after a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce, a teaspoon of the hoisin sauce, and an unknown amount of soy, (I couldnt keep track), I was ready, steady, start ho gayi race. 

15. Once its cooked, and by cooked I mean when the water is dried out till very little is left, add some sugar to it. Mine looked like this at this stage. 

16. Now, transfer it into a serving dish of your choice. Yes you can choose your own. Here is what I chose: 

Also, just so you know, originally, Shay told me to stir in noodles, and hence its actually stir fry noodles, but I dont like them, so I didnt add them. What you can do is, boil a packet of noodles with a little bit of salt and adequate amount of water, and add them to the wonder wok. That will be a meal my dearies. :) 


  1. Even though I live in Wales, not England - I'm glad you liked the recipe! And it looks mega delish ♥ xxxxx

  2. Also, NO idea where that display picture came from!

  3. from one bong to another bong a shout out to have taught chicken well to an adorable menon!