Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 18/90

So basically, I think disaster should be my middle name. Ranchi has made me into a fat pig, so no more desertventures anymore. I decided to make soup today, but because of a very pressing engagement, I was delayed getting home, so I told my mother to guest blog for me today. The only contribution I have made is tasting the soup and finding the recipe. I even convinced her to take pictures, and she did, but I lost them. Pug my life. So in consolation, I will blog for 91 days now, instead of 90, to make up. I mean, I could have easily lied, but I didnt. So im awesome. And you should recognize that. 

Needless to say, when the mothership cooks, it has to be good. And it was. Wow. So here you are, you lucky choons, my yo momma made soup today. And here it is. 

Ok, here is the recipe source

And my mother is truly my mother, she modified the recipe in a bazillion ways, straight up came and told me that shes hardly followed it. So here goes... :D :D :D 


What you need 

A mother 

Three  tomatoes 
Half an onion 
Two spring onions with the lovely stems 
One sabjiwala shady packet of agaricus bisporus, ok fine, mushrooms. Sheesh! 
One carrot  
Ten to twelve basil leaves  
One veg stock cube 
one fourth cup of milk 
salt to taste 
A knob of butter

The process 

1. Chop all the vegetables into mini bits, mushrooms can be a little bigger. 

2. Boil the tomatoes, one onion part of the spring onion, half the non-spring onion, the carrot, the basil leaves, and the veg stock cube. Basically dont add the spring onion stems and the mushrooms. 

3. Only boil it for 2-3 minutes, till it reaches the no mush no crunch stage. 

4. Cool it down and add it to the blender, and blend away till it becomes like pulp fiction. 

5. In a separate pan, saute the mushrooms, the other onion part of the spring onion, (we had two, one we used in step two you choon), butter and the spring onion stems. Also add the milk. 

6. Once its ready, combine the pulp and the sauted mushrooms, and you are ready. 

7. Look at it, and drink it up. 

Ok so I have ONE picture which I can show you. :) I snooped in my fridge and took one of the leftovers. But it really and truly was delish. I can guarantee you a good day or night ahead. Unless you get pranked on . Not my problem. 

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  1.'re mommy be super cook too! :) Lovely now that December's here