Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 20/90

Today is officially a crazy lady day, a lot of epic drama happened, but ultimately everything came full circle. Yes, I did take part in a flash mob, and I got mobbed by a random crowd of people, and almost got butt pinched, but it DID happen finally, and that is what matters. Maybe, just maybe, if the dancing gods are with us, then this can happen in a better way, again. Tra la la la, till then, I can be a bathroom dancer. :D 

Before this day started, I started. I mean, not really early in the morning, but 10ish..

And and and, I made hummus today. Ive been hearing how easy it is to make at home, so I finally scouted for a recipe, and found one, and what emerged out of it was simply wonderful, giving me  a solidly hungry heart. :) 

Here is the recipe source for today, not modified much, just that I didnt have sea salt so put in the kind I had at home. I mean, no sea near the house and stuff, even though I could have gone and bought the imported one, it was too much of an effort and plus im ok with normal salt. You can put in sea salt you perfectionist. Blah.

So, shazam goes. 


What you need 


Two cups of dried garbanzo beans/chana (soaked overnight in water) 
Half a cup of tahini(get the imported bottle, you dont really have a choice) 
One fourth of a cup of lemon juice 
Two cloves of garlic 
Half a teaspoon of salt 
Water as and when needed 

End garnish

A teaspoon of olive oil 
Half teaspoon of red chilli powder 
Some leftover boiled chana 

The process: 

1. Get up in the morning, rise and shine. Boil the dried chana along with some salt, in a pressure cooker please. Open the cooker and notice how dried chana can blow up into lovely things when you boil it. 

2. Drain the water out of it. Rotate this picture in your mind, this just isnt happening. Pug my life. 

3. Add half the chana, and all the other ingredients, (chopped garlic, tahini paste, salt, lemon juice), to a mixie. This is what it looks like: 

4. Take out the blended ingredients and add to the patila, then add the rest of the chana. Then combine both, add more tahini if you feel like, and transfer to a serving/keeping/sharing dish. Decorate with some left over chana, olive oil, and red chilli powder. Serve with pita bread or crackers. Yay :) 


  1. Awesome Devika! I love hummus so much... :) But listen, tahini is easy to make at home also. You have to lightly roast some sesame/til seeds and then blend in a mixie with some vegetable oil, till desired consistency is reached. SIMpullll

  2. yummy yummy in my tummy !!!
    the best hummus ever !!!
    tried and tested ! :-) pooms is the best cook ever !