Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 26/90

So today I was at a loose end, cooking wise atleast. I had no idea, what to cook, how to cook, when to cook. So, I was randomly asking people on chat, and my uncle gave me a wonderful idea. Why dont you make parsi tea he said? I ofcourse was intrigued. Apparently, it includes two very easy ingredients, lemongrass and mint. I am amazing and have lemongrass growing on my terrace, I dont really know where you can get any, but come to me and I will give you some, but make sure its a blue moon. 

Ok, so here goes. This is so easy its unbelievable. So please make it. 

I also found a recipe online to make everything easier, so here is the recipe source.

Shazam shazoom..

(Parsi mint lemongrass tea) 

What you need 

Three cups of water (this is evidently for three people) 
Three teaspoons of sugar, you can put more or less according to your sense and sensibilities 
A bunch of mint leaves 
Five to six stalks of lemongrass 
Tea leaves to taste, atleast one teaspoon 
Three tablespoons of milk 

What to do: 

1. Chop the lemon grass stalks, and boil them along with the mint leaves. See how wonderful this looks. 

2. Once it is boiling, add the tea leaves, and let it boil completely. Also add the sugar baby. 

3. Once its done, drain it, and add the milk. The milk should be slightly warm. 

4. Take a moment to smell the infusion, after you have drained the water out ignoramus. 

5. Add the tea to cups and serve. It is so unbelievably awesome! Nom nom nom! :)