Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 27/90

So today, I got up sometime during the day, and my mother showed me a newspaper article about Terra Madre, or International slow cooking day! Read about it here, it is much more than just slow cooking, but also about supporting local farmers and local produce, sustainable agriculture, promoting "good, clean, fair" food. Read more here:

The concept sounded lovely, but where could I find locally grown or organic ingredients, at SUCH short notice? Ofcourse I have a terrace garden, and ofcourse I grow lemongrass and mint. In your face choons. We are also diversifying our vegetable interests to tomatoes, potatoes and onions, we already grow aubergine and zuccini, but the only things available today were these two, so I looked for a recipe involving them. 

And yes, to my advantage, one of the amazing recipes called for a panna cotta, ofcourse im a masterchef fan(only australia because no one can match how good the food looks, and how good hayden looks. Also, the indian people made yam mousse once, and I felt like throwing up), and they keep making it on the show. So why not? I am an awesome cook, clearly! 

I have two recipe sources for today, both have panna cotta, but one of them had a lovely looking kiwi mint drizzle on the side, one had orange caramel, I had to go for kiwi mint, maybe next time I use the orange caramel thing. Plus kiwi god was with me, I had one kiwi with me at home, waiting to be mushed up into sauce. I modified the recipe a tiny bit, but thats just my thing. Here are the sources:

So, here goes...


What you need: 

For the panna cotta 

200 ml of coconut milk ( I used Dabur, it was exactly a 200 ml carton) 
200 ml of cream (I used amul, exactly 200 ml) 
200 ml of milk 
50 grams of brown sugar 
50 grams of regular sugar 
6 grams/little less than half a tablespoon of gelatin 
Five to six stalks of lemongrass 

For the kiwi mint drizzle 

One precious kiwi 
A handful of chopped mint 
Two teaspoons of sugar, or more 

What to do: 

1. Add all the milky things, cream, coconut milk, and milk to a pan. Add the sugar (both kinds) also.  

2. The recipe said to bruise the lemongrass, but we didnt. This is what we did. 

3. So once you have done that to all the stalks, boil away. Imagine its a cauldron. Ooooh! 

4. Once it starts to boil, remove from fire, and let it cool for 30 minutes, till the lemongrass takes effect. :) 

5. Meanwhile, dissolve the gelatin in cold water, mix it around, and add it to the pan with the lemongrass, but make sure its warm, not boiling hot, so maybe fifteen to twenty minutes after you take it off the fire. 

6. Drain it out to dispose the lemongrass. This is what it looks like: 

6. Add it to a bowl(or individual bowls work too), and set it, for atleast four hours. I was carrying this to my favourite uncle's house for dinner, so had to take it out at two and a half hours, but put it in for more if you can. I  promptly put it in the freezer when I reached his house. 

Ok now for the drizzle, add the chopped kiwi and mint to your mixie, along with the sugar, and blend away. Once its done, add to a bowl, and keep along with the panna cotta. 

Feed some to your dog, who will look at you with her soulful eyes, my domestic help was the victim here. 

And voila, the drizzle is ready, you need to transfer it to a small bowl now. 

Finally when its ready, eat it. Spoon some of the kiwi mint drizzle on it. Happy terra madre day my choons. love you all a lot. :) Apologies, you cant see it completely set, this is with one helping gone, and I was too lazy too add a picture of the prepared sauce. But please make this, awesome types. :D 

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