Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 32/90

Today was the second time i'm cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen...I am in Jaipur at my maasi's house, not house actually, its a farm. So go pug yourself. It is possibly the prettiest thing youve ever seen. But anyway, my cousin here, Diva, has had two molar extractions recently, and she cant really eat solid food, plus, we are all plus size, so I didnt want to cook something too sweet, but we also were excited about eating something meetha. So, I ofcourse am ever resourceful, so I looked up something very inane called low fat desserts. Come on, is that even possible? Apparently, to some extent atleast. So, today is a day of many firsts; cooking for people recovering from dental assassination, cooking a low fat dessert, and and and, picking out the main ingredient from a farm. So, here goes...shazam shazoom.. 

Ok, so the recipe source for today is..

(non-dairy curd, full of the sourness of organic lemons) 

What you need: 

Juice of two large lemons/juice of six small lemons(when I say small I mean really small)/juice of three medium lemons (OK this is getting shady, use as many as you like, depending on your lemon temperature) 

Four tablespoons of lemon rind 
Four to six tablespoons of sugar/splenda 
Two eggs, beaten  

What to do: 

1. Ok, so the whole intention of the first step is to make you super JEALOUS, but if you can, pick out the lemons by hand. This may ofcourse, be difficult if the lemon is high up in the trees. You will infact, be able to spot it very easily. 

I was fortunate because I could spot other lemons lower down on other trees. Also, for added effect, make sure youre wearing your pyjamas and fluffy slippers. 

This is what the lemons look like, the freshly hand picked, organic lemons. 

Now, we put everything out on a table, so that you choons can see. You have the eggs, lemons, and sugar, which was blitzed in the mixie. 

2. Now, grate the lemons and then juice them, much like this. Sorry, dont have a picture of the awesome lemon juice take outer, but deal with it and imagine one. 

3. Now, put the lemon juice in a pan, and add the sugar. Then, stir around till it dissolves. 

4. When youre convinced its done, take it off the fire, and add the beaten eggs, while simultaneously whisking the lemon sugar syrup. 

5. Now, put it back on the fire and add the zest. 

6. Whisk it around till it becomes thick. We figured it is tasting too much like egg, so we put in more lemon juice. You can do the same, or make some alcoholic curd by adding a touch of brandy. 

7. Transfer it to a bowl, and enjoy. You can eat it as it is, or make a pie crust, like I made yesterday, add it to that, or spread it over bread. Here it is choons, from me to you. 

Look at how pretty this looks. :) My cousin did the decoration, I must give her due credit otherwise I might be dead soonish.