Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 34/90

So I had basically decided to make lemon tea the day I seriously had nothing else to make, or was in a hurry, or was in a life and death, and today was a combination of all three. Plus I do a really good job so why not put it on the blog. Plus I used organic lemons, so go pug yourself. 

So this recipe is for one person, multiply and figure out for yourself. I have enough to do already. 

Here goes..


What you need: 


A cup of water 
A teaspoon of tea leaves 
Two teaspoons of sugar 
Juice of one lemon 

What to do: 

1. Boil the water. Its best to put the stove thing on a high flame, and then put the water on. This is what it looks like. 

2. Once it is boiling, add the tea leaves. Since this process is very quick, the liquid becomes tea looking in seconds. This is a sign I must tell you. 

3. Add the lemon juice, and the cut in half lemons, for a slight bitter taste in your mouth and heart. Oh, and the sugar. 

4. Strain into a cup and enjoy. Also check out the super cool strainer without a handle. 

It is advised to choose a cup the size of the quantity, but there is just something so alluring about a solitary blue cup lying in the distance that I had to pick it up. 

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