Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 36/90

Good evening choons. I have been wanting to make chocolate cookies for a long time, and today seemed to be a good day to do so, so I set out. The recipe called for real chocolate, and this made me happy. :) 

Also, today the serving dish is made by me too! Look out for it. 

Recipe source:


What you need: 

One cup of flour 
Four tablespoons of butter, melted
One egg 
One fourth cup of cocoa powder 
Four bars of dairy milk/four ounces of any chocolate, melted 
Half teaspoon of baking powder 
A dash of salt, less than quarter teaspoon 
A teaspoon of instant coffee powder 
One fourth of a cup of oil 
Half cup of brown sugar/granulated sugar 

What to do: 

1. Mix the flour and butter together. 

2. Add the sugar, cocoa powder, egg, baking powder, salt and oil. Basically, add everything except the chocolate and coffee powder. 

3. Mix around, mix mix mix mix! :) 

4. Add the chocolate and coffee powder, and mix. No prizes for guessing. 

5. Mix again, then use your hands and get down and choclatey. Mine looked like this: 

6. Roll into small rounds, flatten them, and put on a baking tray pre greased with oil or butter. Then put them into the oven and spy on them. But no, put them in for a maximum of ten minutes, and check at five. 

7. Add them to the bowl you made, and serve. 


  1. Delish cookies...but why was there only one :(
    Love the dish.

  2. Pooms! Invite me over some day please! I decided to skip dinner tonight- been on this blog since 10- all I want is food right now!!