Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 37/90

I absolutely love Nigella and birthdays. I hate the way she gives random measurements for quantities, but she is just so lovely, that I have fallen in love of some sorts. Also, today is Khannu's birthday. Khannu is Saanya Khanna, one of my besht friends. Something very magical happened 23 years ago, and that is why she came down on earth and everything, and that is how I am fortunate to know her. You see, Khansu is one of those very elusive creatures whom you cant find even if you try, so dont try. 

Ok, so Saanya Khanna, from the royal family of Givenchy, loves chocolate mousse. I have been wanting to cook for her for so many days and today seemed to be the perfect opportunity. So I did. 

Today is dedicated to her, and also to Nigella, this is the first recipe of hers I have tried out. :) 

Recipe source:


What you need: 

Saanya Khanna 

200 ml of cream, I used the standard Gopaljee pack
240 grams of chocolate, I used three bars of bournville plain dark chocolate, 80 grams each
150 grams of marshmellows, I used Haribo, the 160 gram pack, and left five marshmellows out 
Four tablespoons of butter 
A teaspoon of vanilla essence 
Less than half a teacup of water/60 ml, just boiled or very hot 

What to do: 

1. Add the marshmellows and butter to a saucepan. This is what it looked like: 

2. Add the chocolate, and the water. 

3. Make sure it all melts well. This happened in three stages. 

4. While it melts, empty the cream into a bowl, and add the vanilla essence. Then, add this to the saucepan mixture, once it has cooled down. 

5. Add the saucepan mixture to a setting bowl, and keep in the freezer till you are ready to eat. I took mine along to the birthday venue. Ha! 


  1. That's one lucky countess! Hope she liked the mousse?

  2. I LOVE YOU DEVKAAAAAAAAAAA! :D Your mousse is the best, your doggies are the best and you are the bestestest! :D

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  4. My birth date - March 22. I shall await some amazing food from the Pooms!