Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 40/90

Oh my god. Once more. Oh my god. Last time. Oh my god. With a dance step. Oh my god. Ok done. That is because, today is Day 40!! Tra la la la la. 

I would like to thank my parents, who brought me down to earth, and my domestic help, without whom this wouldnt have ever happened. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to make mince pies. They turned out to be keema pies, because I figured trying to make mince meat would mean buying orange peel and other random ingredients like suet, (beef fat!), so I decided against it. Good old keema is cool for me and the choons. 

So, I went through a lot of recipes, but ultimately, for the pie shell I vaguely used a Gordon Ramsay recipe, but for the keema, my domestic help did everything. So blah. 

Here goes..


What you need: 

For the filling 

5 tomatoes, chopped 
3 small onions, chopped
10 garlic cloves 
a knob of ginger 
a teaspoon of garam masala 
half a kilo of keema 
Some cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves(2-3 of each) 
salt to taste 

For the pastry shell dough

Recipe source:

250 grams of flour 
One and a haf tablespoons of icing sugar 
8 tablespoons of butter 
One egg 

What to do: 

1. Make the tomato base. First add the chopped onions, garlic and ginger. Then once its brown, add the tomato, and garam masala. DONT add the salt. Mix it around for atleast fifteen minutes, till it becomes lovely looking, basically when its cooked. Also add the cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. 

2. Add the keema. It looks disgusting but its all worth it in the end. 

3. Mix it around, till it becomes dry. Add the salt at the very end. 

4. Meanwhile, mix all the pastry shell dough ingredients together, and keep in the fridge for 10 to 30 minutes. 

5. Grease six cupcake moulds, and fill them with the pastry dough, much like this. 

6. Add the keema, which must be done by now. :) 

7. Cover it up with some more pastry dough, and pork with a fork. Keep all six pies on a baking tray greased with oil. I know youre wondering where a seventh turned up from, but we had some extra dough left over so we made another one. Go pug yourself. 

8. Bake for around fifteen minutes, or until they are brown, at 200 degrees celcius, but check at five. Take them out and devour them. Also, some keema was leftover, so either eat that, or make more pies, or make keema parathas in the future. :D

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