Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 46/90

So I still have a bazillion fruits left over from what my aunt gifted my parents for their anniversary, so I decided to make use of them. I took care of the apples today, had four of them exactly, enough for an Italian apple ring cake from my current favourite Ritu Dalmia cookbook. 

I didnt have a ring mould, so I used a glass. You will soon see how smart my grandmother is, who devised this trick. 

So here goes, 


What you need: 

A round cake mould, preferably a ring mould 

Four apples, peeled, cored, thinly sliced 
80 ml olive oil 
150 grams yogurt 
300 grams flour 
Zest of one orange 
Four eggs 
150 grams of sugar 
Powdered cinnamon, a pinch 
Two teaspoons of baking powder 
A pinch of salt 

What to do: 

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a big patila, starting with the eggs and sugar. When its all done, taste some of the batter. I think I ended up eating quite a bit. Somewhere in the middle of the mixing, pre heat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. 

2. Place a steel glass in the middle of your round cake mould and put the cake batter all around it. 

3. Bake the cake for around 40 minutes, but please keep checking. This is what it looks like when its done. 

4. Let it cool, then carefully take out the glass. Also take the cake off the base and keep on a plate. 

5. Eat it! It is best enjoyed with some warm custard, or fresh cream. :) 

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