Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 47/90

I came up to Day 47, and I realized, I have never made pasta on the blog. I also happened to have fresh spinach, and a ton of feta in my fridge. Initially all I wanted to do was finish the feta, but the pasta situation struck me in the process. So I looked for something involving all of them. The result was decent, maybe even good. 

Here is the recipe source for today:


What you need: 

Olive oil to cook
Three tomatoes chopped up 
Three spring onions chopped up, stalks and heads kept separately 
A few leaves of fresh basil, chopped 
Around a cup of chopped spinach 
A cup of pasta, I used fabindia whole wheat, you can use whatever you want 
Crushed black pepper to taste 
Garlic crushed to taste, I used six cloves 
A cup of feta cheese 

What to do: 

1. Chop everything. 

2. Heat up the olive oil in a wok, and add the chopped spring onion heads, the white part I mean. 

3. Go to your garden and pick out some fresh basil. 

3. Chop that too. 

4. Add the tomatoes to the wok. 

5. Now, add some salt if you want, this will make it easier for the tomatoes to mesh well. It made the pasta intensely salty with the feta in the end, but you do your thing. 

6. Add all the other greens, including the chopped basil. Cook it till the no crunch no mush stage. 

7. In a separate pan, boil the pasta according to pack directions. Add it to the greens. :) 

8. Mix around the pasta LIGHTLY. I made the mistake of smashing them up, but it messed up the pasta pretty much. Do not do that and you will be safe. 

9. Add the feta and mix again, and cook till it melts well. 

10. Add it to a bowl, and serve. 

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