Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 49/90

So after a great start to the new year, where I was dancing on a table at some point, with fellow revelers, I came back to blogging basics. 

I had a really long and tiring day today, had to attend my lovely little nieces birthday party, and then go somewhere else, then I went and bought some kiwi, and decided to make parfait, something ive been wanting to do anyway. 

So, here is the recipe source, this wonderful blog I stumbled across. So, here goes. Tra la la la ....

I modified the recipe a lot, infact, added kiwi instead of strawberry, and something else which I will tell you soon enough.

Also, today I learnt that the family which blogs together, stays together. My parents have been really supportive and when I screwed up the recipe, they told me how to improve it. So salaam to you two. 

so here it is.. 


Parfait means perfect in french apparently, and this was far from that, was good, but not perfect.    I mean, nothing ever can be, especially when I am cooking, and im not even striving for that, as long as I can enjoy the food, I dont give shit ok. 

What you need: 

Part 1: 

100 ml cream 
Four to five tablespoons of hung curd 
Two tablespoons of apple or any other jam 
Half a teaspoon of cardamom powder/one or two cardamoms crushed 
Two tablespoons of sugar 
One fourth tin of condensed milk

Part 2: 

Ten marie biscuits, crushed with a roller pin 
Enough butter and sugar to coat the biscuits 

Part 3: 

Four chopped kiwis 
Sugar to sprinkle on top 

What to do: 

1. Prepare all three parts by mixing all the ingredients together. Keep them in three separate bowls. 

2. Bring out whatever glasses you want to make it in. I used two beer glasses. The first one was a flop somehow, it wasnt sweet enough, so my father asked me to add some condensed milk, and that made it ok. So im putting up both pictures. For a less sweet parfait, omit the condensed milk, and if youre on a health trip, omit the cream too. Also, substitute all sugar mentioned for splenda, and the butter for lite butter. And yes, use low fat yogurt. But actually, if youre going to do all of that, dont make it. Just eat lettuce or something. Ok kidding. Blah. 

As the picture (vaguely) suggests, first add the yogurt layer, then the biscuit layer, then the fruit layer. Keep doing this till you either have another more gainful occupation, or youre bored, or your glass limit reaches. 

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