Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 50/90

So, I still have oranges from my parents anniversary gift, and dont get me started on the guava. I had to make an orange tart today, the weather is too cold to eat anything else anyway, and some warm tart with a tiny bit of cream on the side is all that my heart desires. So, I tarted today. 


Here is the recipe from two different sources. 

The first source is for the tart shell, something from a book I issued with my darling friend Saanya at the British council library in Delhi, which stocks some great cookbooks. I loved one recipe so much, I photocopied the pages. And I have found that particular recipe to make a wonderful tart shell. I added some sugar today, but I promise that was the only addition. 

The second source is something random I found on the net, the good part about it, is that its egg free. All the other recipes are for five eggs, and I was revolted by the idea of five eggs in the same dish. Yuck. I mean, its not like Im making egg curry, another shady dish which I despise. Anyway, no more food hate in the new year. :)  So, here is the source:

So, here are both recipes, for the filling and tart. I have no photos today, but you may look at previous tarts I have made, and you can see pictures of the basic process. See day 30 here:

I am warning you in advance, I had to finish these oranges, so I made extra orange filling, which I will eat as orange custard. You can either make two tart shells and enjoy two tarts, or make one tart and eat custard, what I will be doing. If you think im crazy and dont want any leftovers, half the orange filling recipe. 


What you need for the tart shell: 

200 grams plain flour 
One egg 
100 grams butter 
Water if needed 
Two tablespoons icing sugar 

What you need for the filling: 

Juice of three oranges/kinnows 
One cup of water 
One cup of sugar 
One tablespoon of custard powder 
One tablespoon of cornflour 
A pinch of red food color, optional 
One tablespoon of orange rind 
Half a tin/100 grams of cream 
Two teaspoons of butter 

What to do: 

1. Make the tart shell by binding all the ingredients together. Keep it in the fridge for half an hour to one hour. Line it in your pie dish and put it in the oven for maximum fifteen minutes. You can even take it out earlier if its burning or something. And I did all of this in a preheated 200 degree celcius oven. It doesnt really matter if you dont preheat. Yes, that is a reality of life. Here it is all prepared. I have an open offer, pay me 500 rupees, or 500 in any currency, preferably pounds, (I can give them to my friend getting married in england that way), and I shall make you a tart shell, my choon. 

2. For the filling, add the orange juice to a pan. Add the sugar and the water. Meanwhile, in a cup, mix the cornflour and custard powder with a teeny bit of water, say two to three teaspoons. 
Add the cup mix to the sauce pan. 

3. Once it starts to thicken, add two drops of red food color, and the rind, and the cream. When its off the fire, add two teaspoons of butter. :) 

4. Add as much fits to the tart shell, and freeze it. Yes, freeze. Once you can visibly see that its not moving, take it out of the freezer, and serve it to unsuspecting family members. Also eat the leftover custard. Or, as I said earlier, make another tart shell and hence, make another tart. 

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  1. Yummiest ever thing on earth, ever. Loooooooooved every single crumb!