Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 52/90

As I listen to Adele, I really dont know why I am, but anyway, as I listen, I write. I hope this does not hamper my writing, I dont think it will. Blah.

Today, I made pizza from scratch. Ive done this before, but I figured that I havent made pizza in a really long time, so today seemed to be a good day to change that situation. 

I used a donna hay recipe for the base, and made up my own recipe for the toppings, obviously with the wonderful help of my domestic help. :) 

So, here is the recipe source for the base:

Also, I have now switched to listening to come on baby light my fire, which is working much better. :D 

So, here goes... 


What you need for the base: 

A teaspoon of dried yeast 
Around two cups of flour 
A smattering of sugar 
A pinch of salt 
Three fourth cup of warm water 
Two teaspoons of olive oil 

What you need for the topping:  

Two green peppers, chopped lengthwise 
Two to three onions, chopped round, and lightly sauted in oil 
Four tomatoes 
Three to four cloves of garlic 
Four to five pieces of boneless chicken 
Salt, pepper, olive oil to marinade the chicken 
Three seekh kababs 
A cup of grated mozzarella or any other cheese 
Four basil leaves 

What to do: 

1. Mix the yeast, sugar and a little bit of the water, about three teaspoons,  in a small cup and keep aside. It will stink a bit, bear with it. 

2. Now, in a flat bottomed patila or clean part of your kitchen, put the flour and salt together and make a well in the middle. Add the yeast mixture and knead the dough, and keep adding the left over water after you took out three teaspoons. If you think the flour is less, add more. 

2. Cover the patila and hope for it to rise. It should, considering youve put yeast, but somehow the one we made didnt. It didnt really affect the final outcome, so its all cool. 

3. Now, start work on the toppings. Poke the tomatoes and add them along with a little bit of water and the garlic cloves to a pressure cooker. Pressure cook them till a hissing sound comes, not the final whistle, but before that. Once its out, chop it up. 

4. Now, put the garlic in a wok, and once its browned, add the chopped tomatoes. Once its starting to cook, add some salt to hasten the process. 

It eventually becomes like this. Once it does, turn off the gas. 

5. Rub some olive oil, salt and pepper on the chicken pieces and cook them in the wok. If you want, you can leave this for say 15 minutes to let the flavors sink in, but it doesnt matter on the long road of life. 

6. Cook the chicken. 

7. Chop up the green peppers lengthwise and keep aside. 

8. By now, after so much activity, the dough should be ready. So, roll it into two pizza bases, and bake them for five to seven minutes, till they start becoming brown and all. Take them out then you choon. 

Rock a bye baby.  .  . 

9. Once they come out of the oven, put the tomato sauce over them. Then the onions, then the green peppers, then the meat. I put chicken on one and seekh kababs on the other, but you do whatever you want. 

10. Add the cheese, oh the cheese, the cheese. :) 

11. Bake them till they brown. 

Hold on to your dogs nose. 

12. Take them out and eat them. I would suggest adding the basil leaves at the absolute end and not baking them like I did the first time, seemed weirdly crispy and started looking like curry leaves. 

I loved my home wala pizzas much better than outside ones. I mean, apart from having no preservatives and a lot of love, they made me feel oh so productive! I hope these work for you too. You can play around with toppings and do your own thing, I may try blue cheese and walnuts and rocket lettuce some day, depends on the way the wind blows really. 

Now my dog is snoring so Im going to sleep too. Have a nice rest of the day! :) 


  1. great pizzas-------fantastic job Puma!!!!!

  2. Zorro's nose is also in the picture! Btw, did the dogs get to taste the pizzas?