Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 53/90

So, today I joined the great indian workforce for the second time round. I had a decent first day, but im still not out of i will sleep the whole day and use internet at night mode, so I ended up sleeping late and as a result am really groggy as I write, but write I will. :D 

I collected oranges, not the normal ones, but the small chinese oranges, from a secret source. Each one was handpicked too. :) 

And, then, I decided to make some marmalade with them. This marmalade is so easy, you might even consider investing in a chinese orange farm and having minions making marmalade in the future. Blah. 

Here is what they look like in a pot. This image is off google images. :) 
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So, we made up a recipe today, I saw one off the net but it looked really complicated, so I looked at the teeny little oranges on a plate, and I said, we can do this! Trust me it all worked out. 


What you need: 

As many chinese oranges as you want 
Sugar, a little more than the quantity of the oranges (you will understand this a bit later) 
Enough water to cover the chinese oranges 

What I used specifically today: 

One and a half cups of halved and deseeded chinese oranges 
Two cups of sugar 
Water as needed 

I hope you are clear now. On the sugar I mean.

What to do: 

1. Pluck the oranges off a tree, and then chop them into two, and take out the seeds. 

2. Add them to a pan with the water and the sugar. 

3. Keep cooking this till the sugar becomes syrup. And it thickens. Then you may do the madison. 

4. Once its reached its desired thickness, as in when you feel it works for you, take it off the fire and put it in a jar. I recycled a nutella jar i used for my niece's birthday. :) 

5. This is now to be enjoyed with whole meal bread or pancakes, which I cant tell you how to make. :) 

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