Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 55/90

I was randomly flipping through my RD cookbook, and I found a wonderful recipe for chicken in a coffee marinade. So what was the natural next step? To make it! 

Ooh, and I also bought an avocado today, let me see what I can do with that. Ok, back on topic. 
So yes, the chicken. I used much more than what was prescribed, around a kilo, when the recipe says 500 grams, but it doesnt really matter. I am giving here the basic recipe, you can play around depending on your taste. Yes. 

Ok, here goes... 


What you need: 

25 ml cognac/sherry/white wine 
50 ml filter coffee 
15 ml olive oil, (I put three teaspoons) 
Chicken, 500 grams, breast pieces 
A tablespoon of orange jam 
(See Day 53 for a great recipe!)
Salt and pepper to taste 
A teaspoon of lemon juice

For the awesome sauce: 

100 ml hung curd 
Around ten garlic cloves, crushed 
Mint leaves, a couple, chopped 
A tablespoon of orange jam 
Salt and pepper to taste 

What to do: 

1. Make the coffee in your french press, if you have one. If you dont, then make it whatever way you make it. Dont put milk or sugar. 

Here is some baby love. 

And this is how we wash chicken... 

2. Once your coffee is made, add it to a flat bottomed patila, along with the cognac, lemon juice and orange jam. 

3. Let it remain like that, marinading, till you want to cook. 

4. Add all the ingredients for the sauce together, and leave some mint leaves for end garnish. 

5. Cook the chicken either on a barbecue, or in pan. My mother fired up the bbq today so I used that. 

6. A lot of the marinade was left over, so once it was cooked, we transfered it to a pan, and cooked it there with some marinade. This way I could also add the awesome chinese oranges I had left out. 

7. Add the yogurt sauce and the mint leaves, and serve. :D 

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