Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 69/90

So today was another one of those days where I am at a fix for recipes, what can I cook, cook can I what? I asked my friend Bini on facebook chat, and she gave me a recipe for a bread cake. I didnt make that, mainly because I was lazy and didnt feel like opening my computer and looking for the chat, so I made bread pudding instead. Actually, a slightly burnt pudding. 

Here is the source:


What you need: 

Eight slices of bread 
Four ounces of brown sugar 
EIghty five grams of raisins 
Two cups of milk 
200 ml of cream 
Two eggs, well beaten 
Cinnamon powder/ground cinnamon to taste
A pinch or two of salt 
Butter for buttering the bread and greasing the baking dish
A teaspoon of vanilla essence 

What to do: 

1. Melt the butter, so thats its easier to spread. Butter all the bread slices and quarter them into small triangles. This is how I did it, basically taking a big knife and slicing all the bread together. 

2. Arrange the bread overlapped, and put the raisins randomly in the middle. 

3. Mix the milk, cream, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract and sugar together. 

4. Beat the eggs well ( here they are) and add them to the mix you just made. 

5. Add the entire mix to the bread slices already in the bowl. 

5. Bake it in a 200 degrees celcius oven, for around 20 minutes, I burnt mine, but it didnt really matter on the long road of life. 

When it comes out of the oven, enjoy this thing with some custard. And sharing is caring, so give some to your dogs. 

Here it is, nice and burnt! :) 

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