Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 70/90

I cant believe it choons! 20 days to go and I havent made even a decimal point of the recipes I wanted to make!!! Boo. 

But today is honey day, and I used honey in two recipes, and I will show both to you choons, only because I care. Not really actually but blah. 

Ok, so the first one is ginger, lemon, honey. It is super easy, and amazing in the winter, or early morning summer. 


This makes one cup, I asked my father if he wants some, and he outright refused, so umm, im enjoying mine alone. Although I really wish Ujeane was here. :( 

What you need: 
A knob of ginger, crushed
Honey to taste
Half a lemon
A little less than a mug of water 

What to do: 

1. Heat up the water to boiling level. 

2. While that is happening, add ginger, lemon, and honey to a mug of choice. Somethings in life you can choose, for everything else, there is a job you have to go to, to earn enough money at. I am telling you, the mastercard wont come otherwise. 

3. Add the water to the mug. 

4. Enjoy your tea choons. 

It is really easy, and really good to pep you up, or even otherwise. The awesome sourness and tartness of the ginger gives a lovely sharp taste, which is great. The lemon ofcourse, I have no words to describe, and the honey is sweet as ever. :) 

For the second recipe, here is the source:

This is something called a coffee creamer, basically add a bit to black coffee to make it awesome and creamy and stuff. I hope it works, im sure it will actually. The thing is, Ive never really tasted coffee creamer, so this is my attempt to make it at home. I mean, I dont know what to compare this to, but if it serves my purpose, saanu ki! (punjabi for I dont care) 


What you need: 

A cup of milk 
A cup of cream
A tablespoon of vanilla extract 
Four tablespoons of honey 

What to do: 

1. In a saucepan, add all four things together, and bring to boil. Not like a full on boil, but an almost boil, with a few bubbles happening. :) 

2. Put off the gas, and keep it there for half an hour to let all the flavors talk to each other and come together. 

3. Take it off the gas, strain it, and add to a glass container, and store in the fridge for upto ten days. 

4. Add to black coffee whenever you want for some awesomeness. :) 

Ok, so I tried it with coffee, and it tasted delish! So I suggest you make some too. Yes. 

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