Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 76/90

I know this sounds insane, but I have wanted to eat home-made samosas since ages, and today seemed to be a good day, so I made samosas today. The entire samosa act was orchestrated by my domestic help, so all credit goes to her. I didnt even have to look for a recipe! Eeeee... 

We also made some awesome green chutney to go with it, so easy and so delish! 

So here goes. :) 


What you need: 
Sujita and her daughter Ria, sorry, not really available but you can try.. 

For the covering 
A cup of flour 
Oil and water to knead, as much as you need
A teaspoon of salt 
Half a teaspoon of baking soda 

For the filling
Six potatoes, boiled, and skin peeled off, and then mashed
Half a cup of shelled peas 
One onion, sliced finely
Salt to taste 
Half a teaspoon of red chilli flakes/powder 
Half a teaspoon of garam masala 
Half a teaspoon of turmeric 
A teaspoon of dried coriander seeds, crushed 

For the chutney 
A handful each of coriander and mint 
Seven to eight cloves of garlic 
Salt to taste 
Two green chillies, cut in half 
A tablespoon of sugar 
Half a lemon, juice squeezed straight

What to do: 

1. For the filling, add some oil to a wok, and add the onions to it. 

2. Once the onions have browned, add the peas. 

3. Once the peas are soft enough, add the potatoes, the salt, and the other four things. 

4. Cook for a bit, say ten minutes, and turn the gas off. 

5. For the covering, add salt and baking soda to the flour, and using the oil and water, make a dough. Once youve made the dough, keep it at a safe place for later use, and dont use it till 20 minutes are over. 

Here is a picture of the prepared dough and (some of) the filling. 

Now comes the main part, the assembly. What you need to do is, create a samosa station in an uncluttered part of your kitchen. Keep the dough and filling, along with some flour, and a rolling board and pin here.

Now, take small portions of the dough, and roll it out thinly on the rolling board. Then, make a cone, fill it up with the filling, shut the top, and deep fry. As simple as that. Hmm. 

Here it is in pictures 

First, you make a small roti type thing, by using the rolling pin and board. To make sure your hands are dry, keep rubbing them with the flour. 

Then, using your fingers, you make a cone, and fill the filling in it. 

Then, seal it from the top, and pat it for good luck. 

Now, deep fry the samosas in a deep wok, turning them over when one side is done. 

Once they are done, put them onto a kitchen towel or newspaper, and take off all the extra oil. 

For the chutney, just blitz everything in a mixie, and its ready! 

For a perfect snack, serve the samosas with the chutney. :) 

I loved the effort involved, it was also a huge learning process for me. My lovely domestic help taught me a lot today, like she does everyday really. It is remarkable how she handles my house and her own family, including a one year old naughty kid. We pitch in whenever we can, but she seems to me a true superwoman. All I do is go to office, plonk myself onto a chair, and work away, while her day starts early, making the food I eat at work, basically serving my family three meals and a snack, taking care of guests and others, and always serving with a smile. Kudos to her! I am ending this post with a picture of her little one, oh, I have so many dreams for her! My father handed her a tennis racquet the other day, I wonder what she makes of that! 

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  1. Taking your mom for granted,as usual...sigh. Whose idea was it to make samosas in the first place? Sniff sniff...I'm hurted. I'm so going to adopt Ria.