Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 78/90

12 days to go choons! And im moving slowly, turtle like, towards my target, and im mighty happy about it. Anyway, so I went all lebanon today, and made falafel and tomato basil hummus. Here it is. Yes. 

For both dishes, soak a cup of chickpeas overnight in water and salt. This gives you four cups of boiled chickpeas. 

So here goes, 


What you need: 

Two cups of boiled chickpeas 
Salt to taste 
Four to five cloves of crushed garlic 
One onion, chopped 
A teaspoon of coriander powder 
A teaspoon of cumin powder 
A handful of chopped coriander
Half a teaspoon of black pepper 
Half a teaspoon of baking soda 
Half a lemon, squeezed 
Two green chillies

For the coating 
Around three tablespoons of flour 
One egg, beaten

Oil for frying 

What to do: 

1. Blitz everything in a mixie, except the coriander,  and add water so that it doesnt get too thick. 

2. Take out, add the coriander, shape into balls, and keep aside. 

3. Coat with some flour and dip in egg, then fry. I didnt do the egg part, and had a disaster, the falafel started disintegrating. I had some four left and I baked those. For baking, just flatten them cutlet like, and bake. 


What you need: 
Two cups of boiled chickpeas 
A tablespoon of tahini, store bought, or follow my recipe from yesterday. You can replace the bhangjeer with sesame seeds if you must. 
Some olive oil, maybe two tablespoons 
Four to five basil leaves 
Two tomatoes, roasted (for more flavor, add more) 
Half a lemon, squeezed 
Cumin powder, one teaspoon 
Four to five cloves of garlic
Salt to taste 

For this, just blitz everything in a mixie. Apologies, I dont have a picture of the final product. 

So what I did with both dishes is, I made wraps. I couldnt find pita bread today, so I used tortilla wraps. 


Here is what you need 

One recipe falafel
One recipe hummus 
Tortilla wraps/pita bread 
One onion chopped 
Ham, for the non veg ones 

What to do: 

1. Slightly heat up the wrap, and then slather hummus all over it. 

2. Add the falafel, and randomly put some onions around it. For the non veggie ones, add the ham. 

3. Heat it up once again, and serve. 

After youve tucked in, listen to this stuff. My lovely friend Nayantara is singing her way to awesomeness. :)

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  1. And a heatry tuck in was had by all the Melons, Maynuns and Menons :)