Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 79/90

So today I decided to make sauce, ofcourse I had to look at my favourite Ritu Dalmia cookbook. :) Ah, I love the book. Ooh. Ok, so here goes. 


What you need: 

A kilo of tomatoes 
Two onions, finely chopped 
One carrot, finely chopped 
A teaspoon of crushed oregano 
Salt to taste 
A couple of basil leaves 
A splash of red wine/vinegar 
Sugar to taste 
If it gets to sugary, then add lemon juice 
50 ml of olive oil 
Three cloves of garlic 

Ok, now the original recipe called for leek and celery, I didnt have both so didnt add it, you ofcourse can and should really. 

What to do: 

1. Blanch the tomatoes. This means that heat up some water in a patila and dunk the tomatoes in, until you see the skin come off. 

2. Once that happens, let it cool, and chop up the tomatoes, quartering is totally acceptable really. 

3. Now, in a wok, add the oil. Once its hot, add the garlic and onion, and once its translucent, add the carrots. Now, cook for some two minutes and add the tomatoes, oregano, basil, and vinegar. 

4. Add some salt and sugar to the melange, and let it cook for an hour. Since gas is a problem and my father would blast me since ordering the new one is a true pain, I did this for half hour. 

5. Cool it down. I did this by placing the wok under a fan. You dont have to, you can wait a long time for it to cool, till christmas maybe? 

6. Add it to the mixie, and blend. 

7. Keep it in a container, and transfer to a bottle in the morning. Pictures will come tomorrow morning. 

Also, for the side, just randomly, make some GLH(ginger lemon honey). Add a knob of crushed ginger, half a lemon's juice, to a pan. Once its done, add this to a cup, along with a tablespoon of honey. Enjoy enjoy. Also, the ginger is grown in my domestic help's garden in Jharkhand, and the honey is from Kumaon, saara organic. :) 

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  1. The sauce was a tad too sweet but tasted really FRESH. The HGL was amazing. Pl make some every night till the winters go, thanks!