Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 81/90

So today I made something totally wonderful dip called Muhammara. So wonderful and so simple, like some things in life. :) 

Along with this, I made some jalapeno peppers filled with green cheese. Im not really sure if they are jalapenos, never seen them raw really, so I will call them bada mirch cheeze wala. Ha! 

So here goes.. 


What you need: 


Two large red peppers 
Two cloves of garlic 
A teaspoon of jeera/cumin powder 
Half a teaspoon of salt 
A cup of roasted walnuts 
Half a pomegranate, with the kernels taken out
Two tablespoons of sugar
Juice of one lemon
One fourth cup olive oil 
One fourth cup bread crumbs 
One teaspoon chili flakes 
A tablespoon of ketchup 

What to do: 

1. Roast the bell peppers either on the gas or in the oven. Then scrape off all the burnt parts and add it to the mixie. 

2. Brown the walnuts on a flat pan(tawa). 

3. For the pomegranate thing, take out all the kernels, and add them with some sugar, lemon juice and water to a pan. Once its thick, strain it, and add two tablespoons to the mixie and eat the rest. 

4. Add everything else to the mixie and blend. 

5. Add to a dish, and garnish with some pomegranate kernels and olive oil. 

Eat this with bread, or pita bread, or vegetable sticks. 


What you need: 

Four big chillies, cut in half and seeds taken out 
Cheese, no amount, just enough to fill them up.  
(I used a combination of monterey jack cheese and cream cheese, you use whatever you have) 
Oil to coat baking dish

1. Drizzle some olive oil onto a baking dish, and add the filled chillies. 

2. Bake till they turn brown. 

Also, I genuinely feel that cream cheese is the best option, but you add whatever you want. Notice how the cream cheese ones retained the cheese and the other ones frittered away, lost lost lost on the cheese path. 

I cant believe that I have just nine days to go! It has been so long, didnt realize only. Lets see what these nine days bring to me. :) 


  1. Only nine days? Gosh, I'm going to miss my crazy cooker!

  2. Oh and ALSO, could you please tell me where you bought your raw "bada mirch" from? :)

  3. Hey lovely person who reads the blog! :D So I got this bada mirch from the sabjiwala, or any good veggie store will also have them. I dont really know what to call them, but you will know once youve seen them. <3