Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 82/90

So today some wonderful people came over for dinner, and we decided to cook up a storm. Sadly, I wasnt too happy with the outcome, because all the dishes were not, (keyword here being not) perfect. But like is like that, atleast for me, what I expect never really happens so umm. Blah. 

So here goes.. 

(Pineapple mint chicken) 

Two kilos of boneless chicken, preferably breast pieces

For the marinade 

Juice and rind of one and a half lemons 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Two tablespoons of mustard powder mixed with water (leave some for garnish) 
Olive oil to taste 

For the garnish 

A can of pineapple slices/fresh pineapple slices 
A handful of mint leaves, not chopped, just hanging around 
Leftover portion of mustard mix

What to do: 

1. Marinade the chicken for as much time as you can, minimum 30 minutes. 

2. Grill it till it cooks. 

3. Put the garnish on top, but before you do that, add some mustard mix on top, smear it all over actually. 

4. Thats it really. :D

Look at my lovely, preservative filled pineapples from a can. 

Im not using these again, EVER. My consolation today was the mint from my garden, and the chicken from my local grocer. :) And the mustard powder wasnt bad too, my mother's idea. I love her to bits and pieces, and I wish I could keep her in my pocket and carry her around, so that I could bug her the whole day. La la la :) 

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  1. Am never going to fit into your pocket :( motoo that I am :)but i like the sentiment :)