Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 83/90

So my kitchen was war zone today because of tomorrow. I am taking part in a noble endeavor, combining charity and food. What more can I ask for you choons? I have a food stall! We are selling pita pockets filled with cottage cheese patties and yummy yogurt filling, AND potato salad, AND home made ketchup! 

But I basically got tense and so decided to brighten up my life with a rainbow cake! Ahan! 

I got the recipe from this lovely book called Confessions of a Serial Dieter, written by Kalli Puri. Its a Harper Collins Publication I think. The book is better than any diet book ive ever read, and she truly understands a dieters mind. So umm, go buy it. 

For the color combination, I looked here:

So here goes.. 


What you need: 

A cup of flour 
A cup of oil 
A cup of sugar 
Four eggs 
Vanilla essence, around a teaspoon or just put in a cap 
Half a teaspoon of baking powder 
Food coloring in the colors of the rainbow, its even cool if you have red, yellow, blue and green, you can make the rest. :) 

Here is the icing story: 

For the icing, you should experiment. I discovered that mixing cocoa powder, sugar and butter makes a lovely icing. I made the mistake of adding cream, and then to thicken it I added mayonnaise. So the whole thing was thick, but tasted of mayonnaise. I didnt mind, nor did any of my family members. So umm go figure. Also, Day 62 shows a great icing using dairy milk, so you could just follow that. For the lazies, here it is: 180 grams bar of dairy milk, three tablespoons of butter and 100 ml of cream, blitzed in a blender. Splather this over the cake please.

What to do: 

1. Mix all the cake ingredients together, first the eggs and sugar, then the oil, then the flour. Somewhere along the way, add the essence. Remember, essence is essential, essential is essence. 

2. Put equal quantities in six bowls, because the RAINBOW has six COLORS. I dont know why Im writing in capitals. 

3. Add food color. I loved mixing all the colors, felt like being in a lab. If you dont have orange, mix three drops of red and five drops of yellow. No clue about purple, but when I was five years old, I learnt its a mix of red and blue, so mix around and you will be victorious. Hmm. 

4. Add it into a greased baking tin, first the red, then the orange, then the yellow, then the green, blue purple. Just pour one on top of the other. :) 

3. Bake for around 20 minutes, then check with a fork whether its done. :) Poke the fork in, if anything sticks to it, then youre not done. 

4. Take it out, and slather the icing over it. 

This is what a piece looks like: 

Eep, im scared about tomorrow! Day 84 and such a big day! Lets see what happens. Hopefully all is well. :)


  1. hey! been wanting to make this for a while but dunno where to get the food colours from...tell me tell me! Natasha

  2. :) any department store really. they are really cheap and awesome. these my ungle got from america, but you get them here. i was just too lazy to go and get them. if you dont find them, you can borrow mine. :D

  3. Akamazing it was, the rainbow cake!