Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 84/90

So today the Crazy Cooker went all public, and we set up a stall in the wonderful spring food festival at the Lajpat Bhawan in New Delhi :) We sold cottage cheese pita pockets, potato salad, and home made ketchup. 

Here are a lot of pictures and some recipes. 


Here is a recipe for six: 

Three whole pita bread things cut into two, giving you six, using simble mallu maths
Cottage cheese, mashed, around 250 grams 
Two potatoes, mashed
Salt to taste 
A knob of ginger, chopped finely 
One teaspoon raw mango powder/amchoor 
One teaspoon garam masala powder 
One onion, chopped finely 

For dressing 

One green bell pepper 
Two big carrots 
One onion 
Five tablespoons of mayonnaise 
400 grams of yogurt, hung in a muslin cloth overnight 

What to do: 

1. Make the pattie mix by mixing the mashed potatoes, mashed cottage cheese, salt, ginger, raw mango powder, garam masala powder, and onion. 

2. Shape them into patties and fry them on a non stick pan. I know there are eight here but this is stall style. :) 

3. Mix all the dressing ingredients together. No, I did not forget salt or garlic, if you desire, add some, but that goes against the recipe and will make me very angry. I have some vague pictures. 

4. Fill the half cut pita with dressing and the pattie, and grill in an oven or in a non-stick pan. 

All ready to go to the public!

5. When its slightly brown, serve it! 

This aunty is giving me the dirts! 



Six potatoes, boiled, and cut into rounds
250 grams of sping onions, only the leaves, chopped finely
Two teaspoons mustard powder in a little bit of water, whisked and left for ten minutes
Juice of one and a half lemons 
Salt to taste 

There is nothing to this except mixing everything together. Haha! :D 

Ok, here is my capable team: 

First up is the boss! She's my hitler mommy, who made sure everything went right. I love you, seriously! :) 

Second, is the trio, of Sujita, the head chef, along with Ajay, the husband, and the bebe Ria. 

And finally, my darling friend Khannu, akamazing you are! Seriously, without Saanya Khanna this day wouldnt be possible. She even fought with random bhaiyas and made announcements! Love the you! 

We also had my darling aunt, Neelam mami, and my sweet sister Shweta di, pursho bhaiya and my nieces Sia, Vedha and my cousin Dipanker! 

And my aunt told everyone we are selling non bhej pijja pockets, but it worked anyway. 

This girl Sia, my lovely niece, ate THREE, while her sister Vedha above, was playing with this toy. 

Last but clearly not the least, are my family members. Here is my father with my granny. They both helped advertize. 

Here is my darling aunt, my dads sister. You dont really need to know these details but umm.  :) 

Here is my dad and his brother. :) He helped me calculate and also told me to name them top class pockets! :) 

Here are the lovely posters! These were designed by Sandeep Johri, an ardent reader of my blog! 

A shout out also goes out to Neeharika, her lovely sister Anandika didi, her husband Abhay Bhaiya, and Rupin, who took out time to come. :) 

And I cant forget Aditi Dey Sarkar, who calmed me down in the morning, and Roshni, who is awesome! And Shubhiness!! :D :D 

And Bejan Uncle! :D And Karuna! <3 

Ok, I shall retire for the night. Take care all. Try and come to the festival next year, and buy things from my stall! :) 

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  1. We were a humongous hit, kiddo! All sold out, could you believe it? :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)