Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 85/90

Ok, so there are just five days left. :) La la la la la! Actually I have super mixed feelings about this. But its ok. 

So today I spotted some broccoli in my fridge, and I decided to make some zuppa. Here it is. It was really fresh, when I say really, I mean really. I liked it, my mom made me dilute it a bit, but it was still thick, so it wasnt soup in the true sense of the word, but I dont care about the true sense of words. 

So here goes.. 


What you need: 

This makes two generous mugs and four stingy cups

One broccoli head, cut up into florets 
Milk and water to dilute it, sniff sniff (maybe three tablespoons of milk, and as much water as you want) 
One onion, chopped finely 
One boiled and quartered potato 
A teaspoon of ginger and garlic, smashed together ( three cloves of garlic, one knob of ginger) 
Dried parsley and oregano, to taste 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Oil for frying 

For the tempering/tadka

Two teaspoons of olive oil 
Five walnuts, roughly chopped 
Fresh parsley, five sprigs 

What to do: 

1. Heat up some oil in a wok. Add the ginger and garlic and once the ginger changes colour, add the onions to a wok. Once they are brown, add the broccoli and potato, salt, pepper, dried parsley and oregano. The aim is to get the broccoli to a mostly crunch, little mush stage. Once its done, cool it down, by keeping it under the fan. 

2. Add it in parts to your blender, otherwise it may blast. And you will be dealing with a lot of problems. 

3. Dilute it with water and/or milk. 

4. Transfer it to a pan and heat it on the gas. 

5. Make the tadka in a tadka thing, pictured below. If you dont have one, use the wok. 

These are the tadka ingredients! 

6. Add it on top. 

7. Drink up, drink up! 

I will repeat myself. So basically, this soup isnt creamy at all. It isnt (very) diluted and doesnt have any stock, and is really healthy. I love how the broccoli was grainy, and I could taste it, and the walnuts added some crunch. I will make this again, for sure infact. And im also happy because I made it without any stock. The less the preservatives, the healthier we all will be. Ooh, my new plan is to convert whatever white things I eat into brown or other colour things. :) But umm, exceptions include cheesecake and pancakes. I will try using whole wheat for the pancakes though, lets see. Ok enough of random rambling, I need to sleep. Bye bye world. Enjoy your tuesday! Ha! 


  1. The soup tasted good but the pumpkin soup u made earlier was better methinks. Though the walnuts tasted spectacular!!!
    Also, please to use up the organic veggies in the fridge. Quickly before they lose their crunch-munch!

  2. Hey, this was yum....I did the 'cooking with some help' from my maid ;-). continue the good work :-D

    1. Thanks lovely. Sorry for this late response. But try the labne. Really easy.