Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 86/90

So I bought a cheap bread tin a few days back, and I completely forgot about it, and hence decided to use it today. I ofcourse, started dreaming about making bread everyday, and then tried to be too cool for my boots and wanted to make fougasse, but finely came down to earth and made simble four step bread. Blah. 

So here goes, 


(even the source called out to me, bread in four easy steps, hell yeah!) 

What you need: 

500 grams of flour 
7 gram sachet of yeast 
A teaspoon of salt 
300 ml of hand-hot water, I interpreted this as water which is hot, but just about bearable to touch
Two tablespoons of olive oil 
One tablespoon of honey 

What to do: 

1. Mix the flour, yeast and salt in a patila. 

2. In a measuring thing, add 300 ml of water, and microwave it for a minute. 

3. Add the honey and olive oil and put the mix into the patila. 

4. Knead it, and add it to a pre-greased bread tin. 

5. Keep it like that for an hour, your aim is to get the dough to rise. 

6. Bake it for 30 minutes in a 200 degree oven. This is what it looks like when its out. 

I thought its done when it was brown on top, but I was mistaken really. So it was done very well on the top and bottom, but raw in the middle. So i microwaved it, and it was perfect again. Also another suggestion is to put a tad bit more salt. But the whole idea that this is really possible is what is helping me believe in a new world. When I was in school, many moons ago, we used to have a daily practice called recitation, where children were coerced to go on stage in front of a bazillion cross legged sitting-in-a-yoga-position kids, who didnt really give a flying f*** about what you said. But now that I look back, some of those lines stay with me. Especially these ones, from a poem by Sri Aurobindo, "There is meaning in each curve and line." So maybe there really is, and each curve and each line teaches us something. We learn everyday and all that jazz. Ok enough of philosophy, going to sleep. I think I will dream of fougasse tonight. :) 

Ok, here is a sliced view. 


  1. im going to try this out too no. 20 something.
    You're awesome!

  2. It tasted really fresh after it was microwaved, toasted and buttered...yummy!
    Lets make it every day? :)

  3. Divya, my colleague, went through the blog looking for a couscous recipe. Didn't find one. Can you help?