Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 88/90

So I love my mother. Eeeeeep! <3 I am dedicating today to her, for the countless things shes done for me, here are some: 

1. She stuck stick-em-stones onto my apron as a kid. For the poor souls not born in the 90s, here is a link:

2. She brought my dog to school once. 

3. She bought me pink pants and green shoes. 

4. She does a happy dance with me sometimes, and calls me ploot, bloot, and gooch. 

Ok thats enough. So she wanted risotto today, and thats what she got, with the proper arborio rice. Hmm.  The recipe source is ofcourse, Travelling Diva! 

So here goes: 


What you need: 

A mommy 

Three tablespoons of olive oil 
150 grams of arborio rice 
40 ml of white wine 
Half a litre of stock if using a cube, or one litre if using home made 
300 grams of fresh mushrooms, chopped
Herbs, salt, pepper to taste 

What to do: 

1. Heat up the oil in a wok and add the rice. 

2. Once its nicely coated in the oil, add the wine, and let it dry up completely. 

3. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, boil the water and add the stock cube. Once its dissolved and at boiling point, add it slowly, to the risotto in the wok, ladle by ladle. (spoon by spoon). Only ladle more stock when the water you added previously in the wok is dry. Keep stirring the risotto inside the wok while youre doing this. Do this for ten minutes. Never stop stirring choons. 

4. Once ten minutes are up, add the mushrooms. Start the ladle process again, for another twenty minutes. Check if the rice is done. We gave up mid way and just put the lid on, and let it cook in its steam. Oh, and somewhere along the way, add the salt and pepper. :D 

5. Keep checking to see if the rice is cooked. 

6. Once you know it is, add some crushed parsley and oregano. 

7. Eat it now. Dammit. 


  1. So. You don't KNOW me, really. But I promise I'm not a stalker. You sent me a recipe for the great recipe exchange, and a friend then gave me this blog address.
    So, I was wondering - do you have a good recipe for prawns? Like dry, chilli-garlic type prawns? I could look it up online but I just thought you seemed way better. : )

  2. Heyy, unfortunately, my mother princess is allergic to prawns, so no prawns in my kitchen. You will have to look online, or maybe, look at the travelling diva cookbook. :D