Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 89/90

One day left. Yes, just one day. And I realized, I have never ever, cooked for breakfast, throughout the 90 days. And today seemed perfect. So I cooked lovely little pancakes. :) 

I used one of my favourite sources, Wikihow. The recipe was totally to the point, and it was perfect for my uthapam making pan which I used today. If you dont have one, just use a normal pan. Here is the source:

I halved the recipe, and it worked well. 

So here goes: 


What you need: 

One cup of flour 
One and a half teaspoons of baking powder 
One tablespoon of sugar 
One cup of milk 
One egg 
Two tablespoons of butter 
Some butter for cooking 

A variety of toppings, we used nutella, banana, honey, and (home-made) home-made mandarin orange marmalade. 

What to do: 

1. Mix everything together, first the dry things, the flour, baking powder and sugar. Then the egg, butter and milk. 

2. After you have made sure its mixed well, add some butter to the compartments of the uthapam maker.  

3. Add the pancake batter into it. 

4. You will know its done on one side when the edges are cooked, and its easily lifting with a spoon. 

5. Brown it on both sides, and remove from gas. 

7. Add the toppings and serve! 

I know that this is a super unconventional way to make pancakes, with my uthapam making pan, but it just worked so well. Im sure this is possible in a pan, and probably a better idea because one big pancake is better than a bazillion small ones. Since they are small, you end up eating a lot more. But everyone loved them at home, and thats what matters really. So please make these, and make yourself and others happy! :) 

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