Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday aa gaya! *Day K and A*

So the Birthday happened yesterday, and I was too blahed out to write about it, so I am today. I promise to be better next time. Really really do. Ok so umm here goes. 

With the K, the 11th letter of the alphabet, I made some Kheera soup, using cucumber, yogurt and vinegar. Figure out the recipe yourself. If I feel benovelent sometime in my life, I will let you know. 

And then, with the A, the 1st letter of the alphabet, I made a tomato tart, with the base using an Anda, or egg. 

So if you umm, join all the letters together, you get NEEHARIKA! :) 

This person is by far one of the best things that has happened to me, considering I know her for the past 19 years, since I could barely talk myself. I kind of completed this challenge, but im planning on keeping the blog posts coming this year, with a lot more interesting things. La la la. Ive got the choons, you aint got scooby. 

1 comment:

  1. I justtt realised I havent commented on this.

    Firstly thank you for posting all these days for me. And secondly, im so glad to have you in my life. Thanks for being there always.

    And yesss- the tomato tart was yummm!

    Love you!