Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love my father and lets use up mangoes because we wont get them soon

So today is Father's day, and although ive never really celebrated it earlier, it is a great occasion to show off my cooking skills and make my father feel special. He is wonderful really, however grudgingly I may admit that. I remember once, when I was 17, I had failed all my exams mostly. My "class teacher" (never understood this, as opposed to what kind of a teacher?) warned my father and said that, "She will fail in the boards!! Understand this Mr. Menon!!" How did my father deal with this? He took me to Sagar ( a wonderful eatery for South Indian food with chains across my city) and fed me doshas. He then took me home and calmly sat me down. He said, "Baba, you really need to study now. You shouldnt fail. Even though I dont care, but do it for yourself." That was all I needed. I sincerely studied a ton, and got decent marks. He has another wonderful quality. He never pushes me to do random stuff.  If I cant do something, or dont want to, he never will say, NO YOU HAVE TO. He is a tennis coach, and I am not even remotely inclined to sporty activities. So he never said that I will have to be the next Steffi Graf (shes my favorite of all time :D). I barely know how to play tennis, and Im in a happy space. And I love that he gives people so much joy through his work. Ok enough said. Back to cooking. Yo. 

(Amrakhand-an Indian dessert using mangoes) 

What you need: 

A father 
Some time on your hands
A friend for help because the original help is busy and generally in life 

Two ripe mangoes 
One tin of condensed milk 
One tub of 400 grams yogurt 
100 grams of cottage cheese/paneer, crushed by hand

What to do: 

1. Peel the mangoes and take out the pulp. Its best to use your hands really, because you 
can truly take out the pulp properly. You can also use a spoon you prude. 

2. Keep the pulp in a bowl, and add the crushed paneer to it. 

3. Whip the yogurt till it becomes smoothish, but not lassi like. My lovely friend, philosopher, guide Dhiviya did this step. 

4. Add the condensed milk to the bowl with the mango pulp and cottage cheese. Add the contents of this bowl to the mixie and blitz away! 

6. Fold in the contents of the mixie to the yogurt bowl ( it is a saucepan here, go figure). Notice the concentration. 

Left (Crazy cooker), Right (Awesome sauce Dhiviya)

7. Notice the lovely marble type formation, and the yonex container. Once upon a time it had tennis balls in it, now it has podi in it. (Podi=gunpowder chutney) We never throw old tennis ball containers away in the Menon household, oh never never. 

 And here is a close up. . . 

8. Add it to a decent we can serve this to guests bowl. Freeze till you want to eat it. Around four hours is gooch. 

All the best with this choons.