Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Il pesto e pronto

Hello choons. Ive been wanting to make more things which I can keep in the fridge, and give out gingerly when people beg for it, so I decided to make pesto a few moons back. What happened is that my parents went off to the hills and brought back some whole walnuts with the shells on. I also have a lot of fresh basil growing in a pot outside my house, so I was sorted on these two ingredients. The others are easy to get, you dont have to travel far and wide, its not exactly fiddlehead ferns or anything. This pesto is not really grainy, but is of sauce consistency. You can make it how you like really, your kitchen is a democracy. Also for this post, the title means the pesto is ready in Italian. My lovely friend Neeharika is learning Italian and it is always good to associate food type with the actual language in my opinion. Whatever. So now Im gonta write the post. Ready, steady, start. 


What you need

Here are the main ingredients, apart from the salt and pepper

An old bottle
A largeish cup of fresh basil leaves, one handful is enough (wash the leaves)
Cheese to taste, preferably fresh parmesan, but I had some leftover Edam and a bottle of parmesan flakes so I used that
Three garlic cloves, pounded in a mortar pestle
Five walnut kernels, or around two tablespoons of lightly crushed walnuts ( it is a wonderful process to take out the walnuts by hand and look at them and create a mess, but im assuming you love mass produced walnuts from a packet, so use those)

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste 
A couple of tablespoons of olive oil 
Three tablespoons of water (to make sauce like, not a necessity) 

Half a lemon and a smattering of sugar if things go wrong, keep on stand by basically 

What to do 

Blend everything together. Seriously thats it. These quantities make less than a small bottle, but the taste is so good, and the pesto is so potent, that a small teaspoon of miserliness goes a long way. Also, I had to add the juice of half a lemon and some sugar to make the flavors come together, it was a tad bitter otherwise. You can taste and make up your mind. 

This is so tempting, I can eat it like chutney. But I make sure that I take only small quantities out of the bottle, because it is really potent. Anyway, you do your thing, I do mine. But make the pesto, will go a long way. 

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