Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep calm and make labne and zulu please go for a walk

Ok so Zulu needs to walk. She really does. Blah. Today I will show you choons how to make labne. Labne is this middle eastern dip/spread on bread thing. I dont know where it originated but I love it. And I suggest you make some too. I made a second bottle but my house baby Ria was chillaxing one day on the kitchen slab and she broke it. So im going to try again soonish. Anyway, labne. I havent blogged in ages and so im really rusty and all embarrassed that Ive lost my touch, although I really doubt it. So here goes. . . . 


Luscious lets eat some more labne 

What you need: 

24 hours

Two tubs of 400 grams yogurt, I used nestle A plus 
A bunch of mint and coriander chopped up 

Around fifteen pepper corns, pounded up in a mortar pestle 
Garlic to taste, pounded up in a mortar pestle  
Salt to taste 
A lot of olive oil ( a small bottle of the relatively cheaper buy one get one free spanish kind will do, but dont buy pomace, because thats shady and we are not shady) 

A thin cotton cloth/hankie or a sieve, cloth works better 
A spare glass bottle, the kind we keep around at home when achaar/ surreptitious 'mixed fruit' jam gets over 

What to do: 

1. Add all the yogurt on top of the cotton cloth, and tie the cloth up in a bundle type thing. Then, tie it to your kitchen tap. Or any place from which you can hang things. After some time, considering its 45 degrees outside, put it in the fridge.

2. This process should continue for 24 hours, or atleast 12 hours. The idea is for all the extra water to come out. You can use homemade yogurt but it takes really long, or atleast I feel so. I apologize for no pictures. Sniffles. 

3. Once you take it out of the cloth, look at it closely. It is necessary to realize that you've made yogurt cheese effectively. You can make cheese at home. Wheee. 

3. Carefully add the salt, pepper and garlic to the cheese and mix around. 

4. Prepare a herb plate/huge katori, which is essentially just the coriander and mint on the plate/huge katori. 

Huge katori

5. Roll the yogurt cheese into balls, and place it on the herb plate. Coat it with the herbs. 

I love this picture. You better love it too.

6. Put a little olive oil in the glass bottle. Add some of the balls, and then put some more oil. Repeat the process until all of them are finished. 

7. You now have a perfectly acceptable bottle of home-made bread spread. It looks awesome, so show off value is high, 9 3/4 / 10 types. 

8. Put it in the fridge. Ignore the lets-put-on-weight Nutella and the fake mayonaise. 

Also, for choontaintment, look at Zulu's latest hiding place. Shes so in your face sometimes. Shes right under my chair. And we dare not disturb her fiefdom because she bites. 

Ok, thats it for now. See you later gators. 

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