Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seasonal cooking # 1 - life with fruits and cream in it

There is something with me and trying out new cooking techniques. I have always wanted to properly caramelize anything, and I thought using up fruits in my fridge was a good idea. Anything seasonal is what I love cooking with these days, it is actually satisfying to eat what is growing fresh and available at my local mother dairy. So, I made this dessert a week back, but my life is playing the hectic game with me, so Ive only gotten time now to post this. Also, I love Somya Lakhani, just so you know world. 

Ok so here goes. . . 


Technique help from :

What you need: 

An assortment of seasonal fruit, in whatever quantity you desire, I used apples, pears, plums and cherries, chopped up whatever way you like
Two tablespoons of butter 
Two tablespoons of sugar, preferably brown 
Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence 
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder/ground cinnamon

For the cream 

200 ml of cream
Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence
Two tablespoons of powdered brown sugar, you can use white but I love my brown skin tone and brown sugar 

This is really easy I promise. 

1. Chop up your fruits, except the cherries and plums. Trust me, on the long road of life, the seeds in the cherries and plums is not a problem. 

2. Add the butter to a pan, and let it bubble up. 

3. Add all the fruits. 

3. Let them swim around in the butter a bit, and then add the sugar. 

4. The fruits will start getting soft, and that means youre on the right track. Also, the plums will smush up a bit, and very soon, they will make a sauce of their own. You can add the cinnamon powder and vanilla essence here, or you can omit them too. 

5. Once its reached the no mush, no crunch stage, take them out, or actually, a little bit of crunch goes a long way. I like my fruits not completely soggy, so when I saw them getting a bit mushy, I took the fruits out. 

6. Once all the fruits are out, you can use the plum sauce in the pan as an add-on, dont you dare throw it away you choon. 

7. Transfer to a serving bowl, and add the plum sauce on top. 

For the cream

1. Lightly whip the cream, and add powdered brown sugar and vanilla essence. Youre done.

The final product looks something like this. 

This recipe is super simple, and a great accompaniment to a sunday lunch. I know it makes fruits super fatty, but why are we on earth anyway?! To eat, meet, and greet! On that really cheezy note, I am gonta sleep. See you soon choons. 

Also, keep a watch for my up and coming handwritten recipes series.
Peace and love and lots of compassion.. 

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