Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So im blogging after really long, and I planned to give this recipe out, and I will do so today. It is something which Dhi Vi Ya taught me to do, and I think its awesome. Im not sure though if Sweet Lime (Mausambi) is still available in the market, but I think you may substitute with lemon if you most absolutely must. This was part of my attempt to submit a recipe to a cookbook which makes everything out of waste, and the philosophy was not to throw anything away, I dont really know if I succeeded entirely, but I participated, and participation is important. "If you never try, you'll never know." (Yes, I think this Coldplay song can teach me about life). So, coming back to the topic for today, Wealth out of Waste. Yes. 


What you need: 

One Sweet Lime (Mausambi for the uninitiated) or three lemons (please use mausambis, like really now) 
One tin of Nestle Condensed Milk ( I think its 400g, but get the smallest one whatever you do, the deal is if you use too much condensed milk, your life will be ruined) 
Nestle A plus Dahi (the 400g pack) 
A teaspoon of gelatin ( I want Agar Agar, but blah I dont have any, anyway the Gelatin is optional) 
Ten marie biscuits 
Two tablespoons of melted butter

What to do: 

1. Bunk the dahi into a strainer, and let it be there overnight. You can let it be outside for around an hour, and then put it in the fridge, otherwise you risk the chance of the yogurt turning sour, which isnt cool really. If you dont have an overnight, you can let it be for six hours. The idea is to get all the water out. Once the water is out, either drink it up, or make cottage cheese (paneer) out of it. I will tell you how when I feel like, not now. 

This is what is left, I always knew they cheat. 

2. Take a sheet of newspaper, fold it and keep the marie biscuits under it. Now wham the biscuits for all they are worth. Mix them with the butter, and put the mix on the bottom of a dish of any kind, even a patila will do. After youve kept the mix at the bottom of the dish, just even it out with the base of a glass. Now, you may put the dish in the freezer for an hour, until the biscuits are set nicely. 

3. Once the freezing is happening, grate the mausambi finely, until you get a tablespoon of rind. Then, cut the mausambi in half, and squeeze out the juice, and remove the seeds. Once thats done, peel it and keep the peels aside. 

4. Now, the exciting wealth out of waste part. Tear out the rest of the mausambi (the inner parts) and keep aside. 

5. After all this is done, take out the dahi from the strainer, and blend the dahi and condensed milk together. Add the inner parts too at this stage. Otherwise you are in trouble. 

6. Once thats done, take the mix out of the blender and put it into a bowl. Add the juice and rind, and mix once more. You can add the gelatin now. Oh yes you can. 

7. Now, you add this mix on top of the biscuit base which should be done by now, and set it for around 6-9 hours. 

8. Take it out, stare at it, and enjoy it. It was so good, I gave my lovely guest Roshni some to take home. 

Unfortunately, I dont have a picture of the whole thing, because I ate it up, but I did enjoy the last bits with Divs. Here is a picture of that, with her elusive red flower clip. 


  1. This sounds really good. Will definitely give it a try. Have been following your blog for a long time now, but never have got a chance to reply. I think you're an amazing cook.

    Just one question, can i use digestive biscuits instead of marie biscuits? Will look forward to new recipes :)

  2. Hi Umesh, ive shifted blog addresses now, I now blog at
    And ofcourse, you can use digestive biscuits, it might taste better, Marie biscuits are what I always have lying around at home. :)

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